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Our magnets are produced on flexible magnetic material that can be ordered in a variety of strengths, silk-screened or offset printed, and die-cut.  We can add a layer of foam between the printing and the magnet to create a thicker finished piece or just die cut colored foam with magnetic backing.  From die-cutting, to packaging, to fulfillment and distribution, whatever you need, we can help!  

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Job Specifications: Paper was printed 4 color both sides with gloss aqueous finish, 36 up.  A 2” strip of .020 mil magnet was applied at two sections of the sheet and die cut to create 36 individual magnet mailers.

Job Specifications: 3, 12” x 18” sheets of 4 color printing on 12 pt paper with a gloss polylaminate film finish, kiss cut into circles, and shrink-wrapped with a chipboard backer into a set and packed bulk in boxes.

Job Specifications: Paper steel board with full color printing on outside and inside with chipboard and .006 mil steel and magnets made from full color printing, multiple up, kiss cut into smaller triangle shapes, collated onto boards and shrink-wrapped for final sale.

Job Specifications: .030 double magnetized magnet with 100 lb gloss text paper on the front.  Additional butterfly magnet was made to adhere to the first magnet made from .030 magnetic material, 2mm foam and 100 lb gloss paper printed full color.

Job Specifications: Magnet “food” made from 4 color printing on plastic paper with .020 mil magnetic material, paper steel “placemat” made from 4 color printing on 12 pt paper with gloss aqueous finish, custom printed box and custom printed order pad.  Kling performed manufacturing, collating, shrink-wrapping and packing.

Job Specifications: 4 color printing on either .020, .030 or .045 mil magnetic material and die cut into various shapes.

Job Specifications: 4 color printing on 12 pt paper laminated to .020 mil magnet, die cut in various shapes, collated into custom made box.