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Thank you for your interest in our Custom/Premium work.   The following is a list of  commonly asked questions about custom made magnets and paper steel.  To discuss a custom project or receive a quote call Betsy at 518-392-4000 x 103 or send email requests to


What kind of magnets do you use?

We use flexible magnetic material that comes in sheets or rolls.  The maximum width of the magnet is 24” wide.  The maximum length can be up to 100 ft.  

How thick are they?

The thicknesses of the magnets that we deal with range from .018 mil  to .045 mil.  Mil refers to thousandths of an inch.  Generally, most of our clients use a .020 or .030 mil since that thickness can be easily cut and is easy to pick up and manipulate in the final product.

How do you apply printing on a magnet?

Printing can be applied to a magnet in two ways.  It can be applied directly with a screen printing method where a sheet of magnet, usually with a white vinyl background, is run through a printing press and the color is applied directly. More often the printing is done on paper and then glued to the magnet prior to being die cut. We can advise you which is more economical process depending on your project.

How many colors can you put on a magnet?

As many as you want, however the screen printing method is usually most economical for just one or two colors.  

What is does the term “finish” mean?

When speaking of magnets and paper steel, a finish is something that goes on top of the printing that protects it.  There are a few different kinds.  We always recommend a polylaminate film finish for paper steel, for magnets a polylaminate film or aqueous finish is usually used.  You can choose “matte” or “gloss” depending upon the level of shine that you want on the piece.

How is foam used in your magnets?

We can adhere a 1/8” layer of foam between the printing and magnets making the pieces thicker and easier to handle without adding a lot of weight.

What is paper steel?

Paper steel is a very thin sheet of steel adhered by a proprietary process to paper on either side.  The paper can be printed in any way just as ordinary paper can.

Does paper steel work like a magnet?

No, paper steel creates a magnetic receptive surface that magnets stick to.

Are paper steel and Magic Wall the same thing?

Yes, Magic Wall is our trademarked name for paper steel.

How thick is Paper Steel?

Our standard paper steel is .030 mil thick (made with .006 mil steel). We can also add a layer of chipboard in the product to give it added rigidity.

Does the steel go to the edge of the paper in your paper steel?

When making paper steel we generally inset the steel ¼” of an inch from the edge of the product for safety reasons.

What is the maximum size of your paper steel?

The maximum sized we can produce is 24” x  36”.  However, due to their large size we cannot ship these boards via UPS or Fed Ex, they must be shipped on a pallet.

Paper Steel  FAQ’s

Can you die cut magnets in any shape?

Generally yes, however very small intricate designs may not be able to be produced.

What do dies cost?

A die can cost anywhere from $350 for a simple die to thousands and thousands of dollars for large intricate dies.

Can you die cut precisely on a line?

No, our die machines have a tolerance of 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch on all sides.  This is why we often need bleed in the artwork for magnets with printing.

How should a die line be provided to you?

We prefer an “.eps” type file with no graphics or fonts just the die line or a “.pdf” file.  

What is common knife?

Common knife is a die term, it means that one knife is used to cut the edges of two designs that are butted up against each other.

How long will a die last?

It depends on the material being cut, but generally, the knives should last for a few thousand impressions.  After that the knives in the die get too dull and the entire die will need to be replaced.

Die FAQ’s


What is your average lead time?

Our average lead time is 4 – 8 weeks from the time we get a purchase order, a deposit and approved artwork in final form.

How is the product packed out?

Unless specified otherwise (punched out, collated, etc.) we deliver our magnets and paper steel bulk in boxes.  If you order magnets, this means they will be cut but not punched out of the “web”.  Special packouts such as collating or shrink-wrapping are available for an additional price.  

Do I have to give a quantity in order to receive a quote?

Yes.  As with most other things, the price varies depending how many you plan to purchase.