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Jody Rael, Entrepreneur, Inventor and Environmentalist, founded Kling Magnetics Inc. In 1984.  From the core product of Magnetic Playing Cards the business evolved to become of the one of the nations premier manufacturers of custom magnets and paper steel magnetic boards.  

In 1997, Jody relocated the business to it’s current, 20,000 square foot building in Chatham, New York.  In addition to custom magnets and paper steel, magnetic paint was added as a product in 1998 and Magic Wall was added in 1999.  

Not satisfied with the energy usage of the building, Jody directed the energy upgrading activities at the factory including the installation of photovoltaics (solar electric panels), solar hot water, energy efficient lighting, and spray foam insulation.  In 2006 the building was outfitted with a vegetable oil boiler that used fryer oil from restaurants to heat the building.  Our building is now 100% solar powered and net positive (we create more energy than we use).  From these activities, Jody launched SunDog Solar ( in 2004 to help other homeowners and business owners become energy independent.

A philanthropist by nature, Jody created Solaqua Power and Art in 2005.  The mission of Solaqua is to integrate renewable energy and the arts, and promote a sustainable future through community education and revitalization.

Never one to shy away from a challenge Jody has led Kling Magnetics through economically turbulent times to remain a rarity in America, a domestic manufacturer that offers a high quality product at a fair price, all that AND we are powered by solar energy!

There’s more to the story than magnets...

Owner and Founder, Jody Rael