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Since 1984, Kling Magnetics has OEM manufactured for major educational companies including Pearson Education, Delta Education, Learning Resources, Teaching Resource Center, Primary Concepts and Math Learning Center.  We are one of the few companies in the United States that manufactures finished magnets and paper steel in addition we also manufacture non-magentic custom gameboards and dry erase boards.

Kling has produced magnetic manipulatives that show words and letters to food, fractions and scientific symbols.  Because we perform all die cutting in house, we can produce sets of various different sized magnets, collated and shrink wrapped in whatever configuration is needed for the teaching application.  Magnetic manipulatives are not just for kids, Kling has produced magnets that teach industrial and engineering processes as well as pharmaceutical education.

Incorporating a paper steel board with magnets helps drive the retention of subjects by students of all ages. Our paper steel boards can be make with custom printing, just like our magnets,and configured to many sizes up to 24” x 36”.  We can produce paper steel boards as freestanding boards with easel backs or with grommets for hanging.  

In every decade since 1940, the National Council of Teachers of Mathmatics (NCTM) has encouraged the use of MANIPULATIVES at ALL grade levels.*

Children who were taught to manipulate phonemes with letters benefited more in their spelling than children whose manipulations were limited to speech**

* According to the Educational Resources Information Center "ERIC"

** According to "National Reading Panel Report: Reports of the Subgroups", p. 2-29

Chipboard can also be added to create a thicker, more rigid piece.  All of our boards have a dry erase finish that work with most standard damp or dry erase makers.

Enhance Learning with Magnetic Manipulatives