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100% Solar Powered

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Paper Steel Magnetic Board

It’s what magnets stick to!

Made with a very thin layer of steel laminated to paper, paper steel magnetic board is magnetic receptive with a dry erase surface that can be offset printed in full color.  It can be die cut to be bi-folding or tri folding, and can measure anywhere between 3” x 5” up to 24” x 36”. Thicknesses can range between 1/32”  to 1/4” with the addition of chipboard to the center.  

Custom Magnets

Any Shape, Any Size!

Our magnets are produced on flexible magnetic material that can be ordered in a variety of strengths, silk-screened or offset printed on one or both sides.  We can add a layer of colored foam between the printing and the magnet for a thicker peice, or silk screen on the foam itself, creating a tactile magnet that is easy to manipulate.

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Custom Manufactured Products

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